styling-web-designWithout web design, there would be no websites. Without websites, the internet would be a barren place. Such is the necessity of web design! However, if you don’t happen to know much about web design and its elements, take this opportunity to gain some insight into it.

In simple words, it is a process that involves conceptualizing and arranging various elements such as visual design, content layout, navigation ergonomics and user interface. Many people tend to misinterpret the meaning of web design as something pertaining to visual aspects. This is not quite right! Web design is a broad term.  As a matter of fact, it encompasses everything from technical development to user interface. So, leaving out a few elements will result in an incomplete website (something you wouldn’t want).

That being said, some of the key components of web design include:


This is probably one of the most important components of web design, solely because it’s the first thing that visitors see. Graphics range from logos to icons to pictures. All these things are vital for an attractive appearance. That being said, excess of anything is bad. For example, if you fill up pages with images it would take longer to load, which ultimately affects usability. Therefore, it’s necessary to include graphics in such a way that it complements the other components of the website.


This could very well be the factor that separates an excellent website from a mediocre one. The higher its usability, the better will be its chances of being a success. That said, you must ensure that your website is adequately navigable i.e. the users should face no trouble in finding information or getting from one place to another.


Another key element in web design is content. Now you are probably wondering what on earth does content have to do with web design? As said earlier, web design is all about communicating your thoughts and ideas to views. So what better way of doing so than putting it down in words! So always pay proper attention to it.


A proper selection of fonts requires a number of considerations such as design pattern, length of content etc. But it’s always good to experiment with an array of fonts before selecting one. This ensures that you get the one that best matches your website’s design.


Styling in web design implies the use of style sheets. Website design cannot be completed without style sheets. Through HTML5 and CSS3 you can make a mind-blowing website.